About Me

I've been sewing for almost 23 years, which is so weird to say! I started with clothing, then ventured into handbags, and eventually quilts. I love it all! I sewed professionally for 5 years for Camelot Fabrics, creating pieces that they would feature at trade shows. It was a wonderful job! 

When coronavirus took ahold of the world just mere months ago, many friends asked me to make them masks. I've been making so many that it made sense to take my business to the next level and offer them online. I've also had a registered business in Quebec since 2016.

Soca Sewing takes its name from Southern California, where I was born and raised by the ocean, and soca music, which is an undeniably catchy and fun style of music popular in the West Indies where my husband's family is from. I like to listen to it while I'm creating. 

Also, I love beer. I've been homebrewing since 2016 and just finished a graduate certificate program in Brewing Science.