Mask Sizing


Mask dimensions are as follows, choose the size that best fits you:


7.25" wide x 2" high at sides and 3.75" high at nose.

This size is ideal for younger children, however children under the age of two should not wear masks. 


9" wide x 3.25" high at sides and 5.5" high at nose.

This size is ideal for most adults and teens. 


10" wide x 3.5" high at sides and 7" high at nose.

This size is ideal for adults who want some extra space, including males with beards.  


 Cleaning and Care Instructions

Hey you! You bought a face mask! Fist bump to you for being a responsible and thoughtful member of your community. To extend the life of your mask, here are some care tips and information. Also, THANK YOU so much for your purchase! Who could have predicted this is where we would be right now, but it’s really helping me out and I appreciate it.

1. When you receive your mask, I recommend washing it before the first wear. It’s not absolutely necessary, but I do sometimes use a scented pressing spray, and our house is blessed with a dog, so it wouldn’t hurt. For this reason, I’ve included the nose wire separately. If your mask has earloop elastic, this is washable. If your mask has ties, those are also included separately. Once you’re ready to thread the ties, just use a safety pin. 

The mask is fully washable as it is made of cotton. If you like, you can remove the ties and wash only the mask, or leave them in. Afterwards, if you notice it’s a bit wrinkly, just give it a press. Bam. Just like new.
When washing, PLEASE take care to remove the metal nose wire first.

2. I’ve included filters made from either reusable shopping bag material or felt. I can’t guarantee how effective they are, but I have read on various websites that they can work in a pinch. You can choose to use them or not. DO NOT iron them. I don’t know if they hold up to machine washing, so I’d recommend washing them by hand. You can also use a coffee filter or other filter material if you wish. Desperate times people.

3. To put the mask on using ties, I suggest pulling the mask over your head, pinching the nose wire to hold the mask in place, and then pulling the ties so that they are taut. From there, adjust the ties so that the mask fits comfortably, and then tie the mask behind your head. You can also flip the ties the other way so that the tie is at the base of your neck rather than on top. If you need a visual aid, check out the video I posted on my Facebook page. 

If your mask has earloop elastic, then just pull the mask on and secure the elastic behind your ears. Pinch the nose wire to shape it to your nose.